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What is granite?

Granite is a hard, felsic igneous rock that is composed of plagioclase, quartz, and basic feldspar. It has high contents of silica, and basic oxides. The granite is a coarse, rough textured stone, with extremely high melting point which makes it heat-resistant.

The properties of granite have made it quite prominent, and useful. Numerous interior, and exterior constructions of houses, buildings, pavements, bridges, monuments make use of granite. Modifications in granite are made, such as polishing, etching, painting, and tiling of granite gives it an ecstatic look, which is then used to increase the beauty of interior, and exterior attire of a construction. Sign nest lay out the elite granite etching services in Pune. In addition to decorative purposes, granite is also used for flooring, and also as countertops in the kitchen.

What is Granite Etching?

The detailed art of carving designs on the surface of a granite, along with written letters, and numbers with a detailed perfection is known as Granite etching. Granite Etching in Pune is quite famous among the people living nearby. Numerous people preferably choose granite engraved sign boards, and monuments. The art of granite engraving is done by various instruments such as chisels and hammers, but the use of mechanical instruments is strictly avoided, as they do not give you the desired results. The etching on the granite, is entirely hand-done. The other methods of etching are also used, such as sand-blasting, and use of acid for a large surface area. Later to the etching process, the polishing is required, to gain the desired effect on the piece of granite.

Types of Granite:

India is world-famous, for its natural resources, and the wide range of rocks, and minerals found here. Based on the types of rock, and granite found in India here is a list of distinct granites based on their occurrence, and composition gives them a wide range of colors. The choices of colors are made as per the necessity of the interior in which it is to be used.

  • Red Granite: The red colored granite, composed of red grain in large amounts, and other grains of white, black, and gray color. It gives a look of Royal Red, and is perfect for the interior, and exterior flooring, and walls. The mosaic look of this granite can give your pool a mesmerizing look.
  • Black Granite: The black granite has a maximum number of black sand, along with a few gray, and white grains of sand, that gives it a look similar to our galaxy. Granite etching of black granite in Pune is mostly done for the purpose of granite to be used as countertops for the kitchen.
  • White Granite: The granules of the sand in white granite are either white or gray and vary in such different shades. The granite etching in Pune is done for the engraving of monuments, walls, flooring, mosaic, and other designing assignments.

Granite is very prominent due to its enlarged possible features such as strength, heavy-duty, low maintenance, etc. Granite etching, open doors for enormous possible uses of granite in our day-to-day life. In addition, to countertops, the granite etching is done to create granite displays for large corporations, and hospitals. Granite etching is also used for construction of pavement, and mosaic designs for pools, and fountains to give them an attractive look. Granite is a hard rock that is heat-resistant, and water-resistant which makes the granite products stay newly engraved for a long-lasting time. The polishing work done after its etching increases its durability, and visual features up to two times.

The granite Engraving in Pune are served by Sign nest at the most cost-effective, and consumer-friendly rate. In addition to etching of granite, the site view along with granite installation services at the cost-efficient rates is the key to our well-maintained relationship with the consumers.

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